Legacy Flameless Memorial Candle with Remote

$ 190.00

Express your thoughtful and endless devotion to a loved one with the "New" Legacy electronic flameless candle with remote.   An improvement over the traditional 7-day wax candle, this battery-operated candle will burn night and day continuously for close to 6 months. The flameless memorial candle is ideal for use in your home for personal memories, used at funerals or at wedding memorial tables. 

The Legacy memorial candle can also be given as a gift for a grieving loved one with a personalized label (see our accessory products).  

Each Sentinel Legacy flameless candle features:

    • Realistic candle glow
    • Chamber to hold a small memorial object
    • Personalized memorial label holder
    • Large capacity battery holder
    • Different candle color options
    • On/Off Switch
    • Remote Control

Cost effective - if you purchased 52 traditional 7-day memorial candle for one year at a cost of $7/each you would have to spend $364 just in the first year.

Technical data Diameter: 4” Height: 11”

Candles can hold a minimum of two size D batteries and a maximum of 10 size D batteries. Each pair of batteries used will power the candle for about 800 hours (five weeks).

Lifetime of light source: 10 to 11 years, providing long-distance visibility, day or night

Legacy™ Candles are covered by a 1 year factory warranty

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