LED Flameless Votive Candle Stands

LED Flickering Electronic Votive Church Candle Stand

Smartlite has always thought offering a votive candle in memoriam, as a sign of gratitude, or as a request for saintly intercession has been an integral part of religious rituals within almost every faith of the world. The burning light of the vigil candle stand is a symbol of hope, faith, gratitude, and a tangible reminder of the connection with our departed family members and friends. Yet, with an open flame there is a risk of fire or injury.

We offer three various votive candles stands to meet your needs.  Each one of our stands are built individually by our team at our Rockland County, NY plant and are made to your specifications.  All the of our stands are attractive and realistic looking showing no signs that the votive stand is not burning a real candle.  We have patented technology that allows you to require an offering in order to light a candle.  We are the only manufactures in the USA that has the capability to have your LED flameless memorial candle stand take credit cards as an option of payment.  

Catholic Electronic Memorial Candle Stand with Flickering CandlesOur newly designed NOVO votive flameless candle stand is safe, easy, and an effective way to decorate places of worship economically yet attractively.   The NOVO votive flameless candle stand is ideal for those on a smaller budget and those who do not need an electronic payment systems.  Click to learn more about our electric votive candle stand.

Smartlite Candle Stands are designs to make this solemn ritual realistic, safe, clean, and worry free.