NOVO Votive LED Candle Stand

Catholic Church LED Flickering Electronic Votive Candle StandThe NOVO Votive Candle Stand is an economical unit that provides a decorative real candle-like flame without the risk of fire or the mess of a standard candle. The NOVO candle serves as a basic votive candle stand that is ideal for churches, institutional nursing homes, hospitals or anywhere you want to remember a loved one with candles. By simply pressing a discretely hidden button on an individual candle's base the candle will light for a preset time (the customer determines the time).

Any of the individual candles on the stand can be used as either a daily/hourly candle or as a long term memorial candle – extended candle times are predetermined by each individual customer prior to candle stand being shipped to its final location.  

During a power outage the stand will not be lit. Once power is restored the stand will resume operation as if no power was ever lost. The NOVO stand has an internal backup memory that keeps track of each candle’s selected time and how much time is left on a candle for it to finish out the candle’s cycle – hold true for both the memorial candle and the standard votive candle.

The NOVO votive electronic church candle stands are sold as a 30 candle votive stand, 46 candle votive stand or a 70 candle stand.  The 30 candle stand cost $3,300, the 46 candle stand cost $4,600 and the 70 candle stand cost $6,300Catholic Church LED Electronic Candle Stand.     

All votive stands come with or without a cross on the stand or on the individual candle decide. Candle flame colors are available in white/yellow, ruby red, sapphire blue or emerald green, the candle housing comes as a frosted white. The NOVO votive stand comes in either copper with black veining or gold with black veining.  The veining helps keep the stand looking scratch free and new.  The flickering candles is an LED light and never needs to be changed.  All of our votive candle stands come standard with a 10 foot power cord which can be easily hidden if full length is not needed. 

Additional accessories are sold separately:

  • Secure cash collection box, custom designed to fit sleekly with our NOVO stand $225
  • Additional time sticks to allow you to change the timing of your daily/hourly candle $110
  • Custom colors are available may be an additional cost
  • Shipping Charges do apply to all of our candle stands 
Because we believe in our product all of our stands come in with a 5 year warranty on all electronic parts.

Please contact us at 973-470-9400 or email us at to place your order.