The Standard Omnistand™ Votive LED Candle Stand

Catholic Church Electronic Flameless Candle StandSearching for a ready-made solution for a realistically flickering electronic LED votive candle stand? The Standard Model OMNISTAND™ is loaded with features and offers multiple options in design and configuration. Each OMNISTAND™ has an internal control unit embedded in the center of the console-type collection box, with a protected, but easy-to-access, control panel.

 OMNISTAND™ have multiple features:

  • Provide a decorative real candle-like flame  
  • Have no external switches and light simply by pressing the top of a candle
  • Standard time setting, allowing you to set and change the duration a candle will burn from 10 min up to 30 days
  • Any candle can be either a daily/hourly candle or a long term memorial candle
  • Can accommodate an easy to place and changeable memorial cartridges
  • Feature a modular system, allowing for cost effective parts replacement  
  • Can be configured to include approximately 20 to 100+ individual candles per stand.  Made specifically to fit YOUR space
  • Stands are energy efficient, with our larger fully lit stand consuming less than a 40W light bulb

Each modular electronic control unit is equipped with internal memory, which allows the memorial candles to revert to their settings in the event of a power failure.

Electronic OMNI Votive Candle Stand

  • Candles are available in four colors: Natural/White, Red, Blue, and Green
  • Electronic payment system - can be "required" or set to "honor system" mode
  • Additional donation collections methods are also available, including touch screen allowing the donor to select the burn time and contribution amount, as well as a choice of cash or credit card payment options

We are happy to assist you in designing the perfect stand for your needs. Formal quotes, complete with technical details and pricing available upon request.  Prices start at $135 per candle.  As our candle stands need to be specially crated we do charge shipping on all of our candles stands.

Because we believe in our product all of our stands come in with a 10 year warranty on all electronic parts.

Please contact us at 973-470-9400 or email us at to place your.