Flameless Miracle Chanukkah Menorah

$ 395.00

Celebrate and Rejoice the Miracle of Chanukkah

This custom designed 14 pound, sculptured Menorah is initially hand casted in bronze in Italy by local craftsmen - Limited edition less than 500 made.  This menorah is battery operated and last for many years - some customer have had theirs for 10+ years with no issues. Customers have used their menorah for 4 to 5 years without replacing batteries (take batteries out when not in use to avoid corrosion).  

The bronze casting is finished in Matthews Diamond Shield Protective Coating to ensure long lasting beauty.  It is then shipped to the United States where the latest microchip technology is employed.  The result is an aesthetically beautiful Menorah.  The candles are in a straight line with the Shamash correctly above the other candles and when activated, all the candles light according to the Jewish tradition of Chanukkah.

The Miracle Menorah is an extraordinary combination of traditional beauty and cutting edge technology.  Simply activate and it will light automatically and continue throughout the eight days of Chanukkah free of any supervision or maintenance while observing the traditional Jewish Laws.  The patented Smartlite TM technology gives each candle the warmth and glow of a real candle flame.

Decorate your foyer, entrance, vestibule or any other location during the Chanukkah Holiday with this stunning Menorah.  It is truly a decorative piece.  The Miracle Menorah is large enough to be put in your place of business as well as your home.

The Miracle Menorah runs on 4 standard “D” batteries (included).  This provides sufficient power for the Menorah to function without supervision during the complete Chanukkah Holiday.  Battery operations allow the Menorah to work anywhere, anytime without the inconvenience of an AC power source.  Batteries have been known to work for over 5 Chanukkah seasons, just remember to remove batteries after use to avoid corrosion.


Total Dimensions: 19.25" height, 14.5" wide
Base is 3" height, 10" wide


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