Tribute Flameless Wall Mount Candle

$ 295.00

Candles have always been a part of religious ceremonies, let our "New" Tribute LED flameless wall mount candle serve your religious needs. This decorative wall mount flameless brass candle is a great addition to any church.  This battery-operated candle will burn night and day continuously for close to 4 months on one full set of batteries or longer if you turn off the candle during times when it is not in use. The Tribute LED flameless wall mount candle is ideal for use as a decorate addition to any room whether it be in a churches, a reflection room or a meditation room.

AC adapters are available for an additional $45.

Each Sentinel Tribute flameless candle features:

    • Realistic candle glow
    • Chamber to hold a small memorial object
    • Personalized memorial label holder
    • Large capacity battery holder
    • Different candle color options
    • On/Off Switch
    • Remote Control
    • Wall mount is polished brass

Technical data Diameter: See diagram below

Cost effective - if you purchased 52 traditional 7-day memorial candle for one year at a cost of $7/each you would have to spend $364 just in the first year.

Candles can hold a minimum of one size D batteries and a maximum of 5 size D batteries. Each pair of batteries used will power the candle for about 500 hours (three weeks).

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Tribute™ Candles are covered by a 1 year factory warranty

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