Flameless Mausoleum Candles

Over the last few posts we’ve seen how flameless candle technology can be used for votive candles, altar candles, graveside candles, and memorial candles. From simple safety to lowering insurance costs, from a significant cost break to steady performance in all weather, there are many benefits to using flameless church candles in settings of prayer and remembrance.

History of Mausoleums
One of the seven wonders of the ancient world was the very first mausoleum in history. Completed in about the year 350 B.C., it was an architectural wonder, a tribute of love and grief, from Queen Artemisia to her beloved husband, King Maussolos, who ruled Caria, a province of the Persian Empire. 

Over the centuries, mausoleums have housed individual remains of great people, entire families, or served as an above-ground cemetery for anyone and everyone. They hold cremated remains in niches or serve as beautiful covers for the crypts stored underground beneath them.

Despite the various ways they are used, mausoleums have one thing in common—they are places of solemn remembrance. A monument to the absent person. And as such, mausoleum candles are commonly seen in them, lit by grieving family members who want to make a public gesture that they still think about their loved one daily.

Modern Mausoleums
In today’s world, increased safety is always a factor. Can you imagine the loss if a mausoleum burned down, taking with it the remains of so many people? Due to fire risk, it is getting more and more common for church candles, mausoleum candles, and even meditation room candles to be flameless. 

Battery operated church candles lower insurance costs and reduce risks in unattended sanctuaries, and flameless mausoleum candles and chapel candles allow the visitor the freedom to come and go as they please, leaving a candle lit for their prayers or memories, without an employee needing to be there to supervise and intrude on people’s private memories.

Flameless Tribute and Legacy Candles
Our Tribute and Legacy candles offer a patented realistic flickering golden candle look in a safe LED candle, housed in an elegant brass wall mount that is beautifully at home in any church or mausoleum setting.

Our Legacy LED church candles are tall and elegant, come is red, blue, green, and white, and will run for about 800 hours on each set of D batteries inserted. They hold up to 10 batteries, which would let the candle run for about six months uninterrupted.

Our Sentinel Tribute candles are decorated with a gold cross, making it a perfect church candle, and have a small chamber where a person can place a small memorial object. Battery operated mausoleum candles are special in that they burn in our absence, commemorating our continuing thoughts and dedication to our loved one. Adding the ability to store a personal memento safely in the candle is a deeply personal touch. Each pair of D batteries will run a Tribute candle for about 500 hours.

Both the Legacy and Tribute LED candles offer a beautiful brass wall mount that make them perfect in a church or mausoleum setting, and that wall mount can have a cross included in its design, if you are specifically creating Christian candles. Both candles come with a remote control for extended battery life if desired.

Church candles shouldn’t compromise beauty for safety. Our fully warrantied flameless candles give beauty and ritual to mausoleum and sanctuary visitors, while helping reduce memorial costs and reduce risk of fire at the same time.

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