Photo Album of Flameless Memorial Candles and Church Votive Stand

Below are pictures within Churches of our memorial candles and votive candle stand.  As you can see we provide a large variety candles and candles stands to our customers.  We have been able to customize many stands in order to fit with the décor and space constraints of various churches and places of worship. We always use the same high-tech technology that we have developed over the years but we ensure that we respect the environment that you are placing the candles.

Not only can the design of our candles change to meet your needs but we provide various technologies to meet your needs as well.  Our candles stands run from the basic money box that you can drop a donation in if you like to using WIFI so you can light a candle remotely from the comfort of your home.  Smartlite candle stands have the capability to run reports that track donations, usage by candle and location.   

Please contact us for more information at (973) 470-9400 or email us at to learn more.


Custom made Flickering Wall Mount Flameless CandleCustom Wall LED Flameless Candle

Church Votive Flameless Candle Stand - Realistic Flickering Candles

Catholic Church LED Votive Candle Stand - Electronic