About Us

Smartlite® LLC, a design and manufacturing company of LED Flameless Memorial Candles since 1989, has dedicated its ingenuity and capability to creating and selling electronic candles since its inception.

In 1989, our engineers made our first flameless candles, and those candles are still working 32 years later.  We use the same technology (with some improvements) as we did back then for the personalized memorial candle that we offer to you. Our candle’s LED flame is indistinguishable from the real flame, yet it's safe, clean, and will last for years to come.

Our patented electronic candle flame technology makes long-lasting votive and memorial candles that are life-like, environmentally friendly, and fire-hazard free.

Manufactured in the United States, all our candles are built and shipped from Maryland.

Our LED flameless votive candle stand can be found in churches and cemetery mausoleums in most major Catholic Dioceses throughout the United States and  Canada.