Personalizing Memorial Candles

When we lose someone we love, often our first instinct is to commemorate them in some way to keep them with us. Similarly, when someone around us loses someone they are close to, our sympathy many times includes a memorial type gift known as a sympathy gift.

When we grieve, we feel a huge void in our life where our loved one used to be. A memorial of them eases our loss, keeping the person in our thoughts when they can no longer be in our lives. Sympathy gifts are usually along the lines of jewelry, picture frames, flowers, or memorial candles – often specifically personalized to the person who passed away to honor our loss.

Whether a person believes in an afterlife of any kind or not, a personalized sympathy gift symbolizes that their thoughts and love continue to be with their loved one, even after they are gone. And for people who do believe in an afterlife or heaven, a memorial gift becomes a symbol of the hope and joy that they will see their loved one again.


Death and Rituals

The Jewish religion holds that the human soul is made up of divine light and as such, when a soul dies, a small light leaves the world. Lighting Jewish candles symbolizes remembering that person’s light, their soul. These memorial candles, Yahrtzeit, are lit when a person dies and kept lit during Shiva, then lit again on each anniversary of the person’s death.

The Catholic religion believes that souls pass from earthly life to another plane of existence, and that in heaven they are watching us as we continue on with our lives without them. Catholic candles, then, illustrate that our thoughts and prayers are still with those we love, long after they are gone from us.

The idea of an eternal flame is sacrosanct in many religions around the world. Whether it signifies the light of hope, of remembrance, or demonstrates the flicker of a human soul, or the power of prayer, remembrance candles are powerful and universal.


Personalized Memorial Candles

As we’ve discussed throughout our blogs, flameless memorial candles are a growing trend. They provide steady light in all settings and weather with none of the risks that accompany real flames. Our graveside candles each have a memorial chamber which will hold a small token or photos of your loved one, along with a label that allows you to personalize your memorial candle with a lasting message or prayer for the departed.

Our flameless Jewish candles are available with a Star of David to honor your loved one’s Jewish faith and bring comfort to the family. Our LED Catholic candles can be purchased with a cross on them, symbolizing the power of Christ’s death to overcome our death.

If you’re looking for a memorial candle for use in your home, at a funeral, or at a wedding, you’ll find our electric tribute candle costs less than wax candles and is fully warrantied as well for peace of mind. The same options for reliable LED Jewish candles with the Star of David are available, as are the Catholic and traditional Christian memorial candles with the cross.

Remembrance candles are a very thoughtful gift for someone who is grieving. Help them honor the departed and keep memories of their loved one alive with a home-safe, reliable flameless LED candle that comes with its own personalization sleeve. It will be a meaningful, long-lasting gift that will help sustain them through their time of loss.

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