Flat Base Legacy Flameless Sanctuary/Memorial Candle with Cross

$ 290.00

Candles have always been a part of religious ceremonies, let our "New" Legacy LED flameless altar/memorial candle serve your religious needs. An improvement over the traditional 7-day wax candle, this battery-operated candle will burn night and day continuously for close to 6 months on one full set of batteries or longer if you turn off the candle when it is not in use. The Legacy flameless altar/memorial candle is ideal for use in churches, homes, at funerals or on a wedding memorial tables. 

The Legacy memorial candle can also be given as a gift for a grieving loved one with a personalized label (see our accessory products).  

Each Sentinel Legacy flameless candle features:

    • Realistic candle glow
    • Chamber to hold a small memorial object
    • Personalized memorial label (optional)
    • Large capacity battery holder
    • Different candle color options
    • On/Off Switch
    • Remote Control
    • Our decorative flat base is made of polished brass

Cost effective - if you purchased 52 traditional 7-day memorial candle for one year at a cost of $7/each you would have to spend $364 just in the first year.

Technical data Diameter: 6.5” Height: 12.5”

Candles can hold a minimum of two size D batteries and a maximum of 10 size D batteries. Each pair of batteries used will power the candle for about 800 hours (five weeks).

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Legacy™ Candles are covered by a 1 year factory warranty

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