Safety Benefits of Electronic Votive Candle Stands

Many churches use candles in their facility. Candles are beautiful, symbolic, and add peaceful ambiance to sanctuaries, lobbies, services, and ceremonies. Unfortunately, candles are live flame, and anytime you have a live flame accident, there is significant risk to people and property.

A church insurance company reports that the primary causes of these tragic fires are:

  • candles tipping over;
  • candles left unattended; and
  • candles placed too close to flammable materials.

I think everyone can agree that these three primary causes are very preventable! 

Case Examples
Last summer, in Manhattan, the historic Manhattan cathedral burned down after the candles lit for their Orthodox Easter service were not all extinguished. Truly a sad end to a beautiful celebration, and worse, a senseless end to an iconic historic building that stood proudly on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan since the 1800s. 

Just earlier this year, a midtown church in Memphis, Tennessee, caught fire and partially burned as well. The culprit—an unattended candle.

The same church insurance company who compiled the primary causes of candle fires above, reports that of their insured churches, there are 15 claims per year for fire damages, with average damages of $157,000.

A Better Alternative
The most obvious solution to this risk is to remove candles from services. But…nothing quite compares to the quiet light of a candle in a worship setting. Fortunately for the many who treasure such moments, technology can be used to keep the ambiance and wipe out any possible risk. Fine-quality LED flameless candles are a highly recommended substitute for natural flame. Many insurance companies even offer lower rates for churches who use flameless candles.

SmartLite has a full selection of realistic flameless candles. Our LED church candles offer the warm glow of natural flame for use in a church, at a memorial, at the graveside, at a sanctuary or at home.

Our battery operated battery operated votive candles offer different power sources for the user’s convenience. They run on batteries, rechargeable batteries, or simply plugged into the electrical socket. We also offer flameless memorial candles with remote, for easy control. 

Electronic Votive Candle Stands
SmartLite’s electric votive candle stands come in 42, 46, 66, or 70 unit stands or can be custom built, and have many options to choose from such as candle flame color, vein color, labels, and much more. Nothing beats the beauty, reliability, and safety of LED church candles, whether you need one votive, or a half dozen 70-candle stands.

All of our products are made right here in the United States and come with excellent warranties. We believe in our products wholeheartedly and stand behind them no matter what. Don’t take the risk that your beautiful sanctuary will be lost or damaged from one tiny flame in the wrong place at the right time. Enjoy the beauty and safety of SmartLite LED votive candle stands and electric memorial candles.

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