Smart Technology and Electronic Votive Candle Stands

SmartLite is pleased to introduce…the smart church. This is more than a metaphor, the smart church is a modern reality. In previous years, live flames have caused untold amounts of damage and expense to churches the world over. Now, technology and worship are combining to create a modern church that is smart in all senses of the word. History of the TraditionLighting a candle during worship or remembrance represents intention. The earliest records of lighting a candle for prayer hearken back to the middle ages where candles were lit during the Eucharist by royal decree to show the light of...

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Safety Benefits of Electronic Votive Candle Stands

Many churches use candles in their facility. Candles are beautiful, symbolic, and add peaceful ambiance to sanctuaries, lobbies, services, and ceremonies. Unfortunately, candles are live flame, and anytime you have a live flame accident, there is significant risk to people and property. A church insurance company reports that the primary causes of these tragic fires are: candles tipping over; candles left unattended; and candles placed too close to flammable materials. I think everyone can agree that these three primary causes are very preventable!  Case ExamplesLast summer, in Manhattan, the historic Manhattan cathedral burned down after the candles lit for their...

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