Smart Technology and Electronic Votive Candle Stands

SmartLite is pleased to introduce…the smart church. This is more than a metaphor, the smart church is a modern reality. In previous years, live flames have caused untold amounts of damage and expense to churches the world over. Now, technology and worship are combining to create a modern church that is smart in all senses of the word.

History of the Tradition
Lighting a candle during worship or remembrance represents intention. The earliest records of lighting a candle for prayer hearken back to the middle ages where candles were lit during the Eucharist by royal decree to show the light of Christ to the congregation. Even further back, during the dark ages, people would light candles at martyr’s tombs. They would pray for or to the martyr, then leave the candle burning when they went home to show their thoughts and prayers were still there.

In the modern church, candles symbolize several things—the light of Christ, a person’s prayer that continues to ascend before God even when that person has left the sanctuary, and continued thought and love for someone in the form of a memorial candle.


The Best of Both Worlds
SmartLite has created flameless votive candle stands that offer churchgoers and churches both what they need. For the worshipper, the ambiance, ritual, and act of consecration embodied in lighting a candle are crucial to their connection with the church service or prayer. And for the church, integrating technology allows worshippers to light votive candles with significantly less risk to the church.


How Does it Work?
A wickless votive candle stand plugs in to the wall, and the candles are tiny, warm yellow LED lights that flicker to simulate a real candle flame. When a person goes to pray in a Catholic church, they can approach the wickless votive candle stand of their favorite Saint and light one votive candle or the entire stand of candles—their choice. And in place of the traditional collection box, we offer parishioners the ability to pay with a credit card at the votive stand itself.

In a mausoleum, visitors can use our patent pending technology to pay for a long term memorial candle for their loved one, while our electronic votive candle stands provide safety and reliability in an unattended setting.


Everything About This is Important
Churches report that over the years, their donations to light candles have dropped drastically. This makes it harder and harder for churches that are on a tight budget to supply candles to worshippers. SmartLite’s exclusive technology allows churches to decide with the flip of a switch whether to require a donation to light a candle, allowing each church to see to its own needs in good conscience.

All of our products are made right here in the United States and come with a one-year warranty. The latest flameless candle technology can help convert your church into a smart church by reducing risk, increasing peace of mind, and allowing the church to control costs. We even offer the ability to light our flameless votive candle stands remotely via wi-fi as needed by worshippers.

More and more churches are adopting flameless candle technology. Our product line is varied to embrace many forms of worship, offers the ability to get just the size of LED votive candle stand you need for your facility, and our products are fully warrantied. The benefits this smart technology brings to a church setting are priceless.

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