The Economics of Flameless Votive Candles

Recently we’ve discussed the safety benefits of flameless votive candles and the ways that smart tech votive stand for churches can help them raise revenue.

Insurance claims from fire damage average over $150,000 each—a sobering number that becomes even more horrible when you realize the most common culprit in these fires are candles. Flameless votive candles are an easy way to prevent this tragedy from occurring in your church and help lower your insurance costs at the same time.

Electric votive candle stands can help a church raise their revenue also. They come equipped with SmartLite’s patented smart technology that allows a church or mausoleum to offer attendees the ability to pay for their flameless votive right at the stand with their credit card. An option which can be turned off or on with the simple flip of a switch. This feature is particularly desirable if your facility offers memorial candles that will burn for many days at a time.


Cost Comparison
Let’s talk about the cost of physical votive candles that light with real flame versus the cost of led votive candles, and see if they would be a smart investment for you.

When a church purchases bulk votive candles, they cost the church about $0.50 each and typically burn for around 10 hours each. To round that off for the sake of our discussion here, let’s just say one candle = one day of use. 

In a week then, that one candle slot costs $3.50. That’s $14 per month, or $168 per year.

Our most economic church flameless votive candle stand is our Novo model, which costs $80 per candle. In other words, the Novo candle stand will pay for itself after just six months of use.

Our most technologically advanced church led votive candle stand is our smart tech Omnistand, which offers the widest range of possible functions and costs $135 per candle or $165 with an integrated credit card terminal. At that price, you’ve recouped your purchase cost in just nine months.


Real Life Costs
Candles have to be paid for, period. Whether they are wax and flame or LED votive candles, they simply are not free to churches. 

None of this is said to be depressing or point fingers, it is said simply to reflect reality. The average modern church is constantly looking for ways to save money. LED votive candle stands for churches offer discounts on insurance, enhanced safety over live flame, and more control over costs and revenue.

When you add to that the savings in labor that SmartLite votive candle stands offer by being low maintenance, their value is only enhanced. No one needs to check on the sanctuary in order to replenish candles or throw away half-used votives to make room for new ones. SmartLite is supported by patented smart technology and protected by a 10-year warranty so your investment is secure. And our modular construction makes it easy to switch out just the parts that need replacing in the rare event that happens.

SmartLite offers a smart return on investment for churches who want to make their dollar go as far as possible without compromising the worship experience they offer parishioners.

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